The Vacuum Bell is not a toy, but a medical device developed to treat Pectus Excavatum is a non-invasive, non-surgical way.

The average time to get a full lasting result (without relapsing) is 1500 hours, (it's variable depending on the severity and the symmetry of the Pectus and the age of the patient).

Considering an average daily application time of 2 hours it will take you 2 years.

Using a poor quality device made in China has many serious risks:

Using toxic rubber from China pressed on your skin for so long will give you skin damage, allergies and it will increase the toxicity load in your body creating serious problems for your system

Using poor quality and rigid materials will make each application painful and it will damage your skin

Using a poor quality device you're risking to make your Pectus worse,
if you're lucky enough the best scenario will be "just" to waste 2 years of your time without results

I'm sure you want to avoid all of them, isn't that so?

PECTUS Healing ™ uses the best technology and the top quality Medical-grade materials to develop and produce the highest quality Vacuum Bells on the market

No one in the world uses such a rigorous standard of production.

⦿ Medical-grade silicon able to adapt to any form of the body and extremely comfortable

⦿ Unbreakable - NO plastic elements easy to break

⦿ 100% Anallergic and Atoxic

 NO toxic materials from China

That's why we're the only one able to offer 10 Years of Warranty

Our mission is to give a real solution to all the people with Pectus Excavatum and most important, to protect them.

Think twice before gamble with your health in spite of all the possible consequences, if you care about your Pectus and most importantly about our health.

Take care of yourself because if you don't, nobody else will.

Pectus Healing ™