Vacuum Bell Therapy needs an average 1500 hours of application to get a full and lasting remission from Pectus Excavatum (age, symmetry, and severity of the Pectus are all important variables)

While the sternum will lift up in the first weeks of the therapy, a lot of time is needed to allow the cartilages, the ligaments and the muscles to adapt to the new position.

Two Full years of dedication, if you will apply it for 2 hours a day. so it requires a lot of effort, commitment, discipline and will power, like everything important we want to achieve in life

While many people are suffering from Pectus condition, many of them are not willing to pay the price to change the situation, they are just complaining and looking for the "easy fix" the magic wand to solve their problem and they will understand at their expense that such thing doesn't exist

In 90% of the cases, Pectus Excavatum doesn't represent a physical threat, so the surgery is not justified in any way, just by some clinics that want to make more profits

We already discussed in a previous post about how dangerous both the Ravitch and the Nuss procedure could be, with consequences that are even fatal

In spite of that those people are so irresponsible with themselves, they are willing to put their health in danger with surgery just to avoid the discipline necessary in the Vacuum Bell Therapy

To those people, I can just say that you already lost, even if you don't know yet, you will find at your expenses that in life there is no "easy fix" but you have to put all you've got to achieve what's really important for you.

To you I want to say:

Don't be one of those people!

Care about your health!

Prove to God that you have the willpower and the commitment to crush all the obstacles that are on your way and to achieve your dreams!

Allow this healing journey to make you a better man and you will not only fix your Pectus but you will also grow as a human being!

If you find yourself in those words and you want to become your own hero, we can provide you with the best tool to win this battle.

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