Due to the overload of the international postal system we will not accept new order until the situation will be back to normal, orders are taking too long to be delivered, it wasn't an easy decision to make but the customer satisfaction is the first thing for us,  you can still get your free advice to know what's the best Vacuum Bell model and if your want place a Pre-Order HERE for the symbolic price of 1 USD to have the priority when the production will start again, we hope as soon as possible,
Thank you for your attention.

Pectus Healing™ Team

Shipping delays due to covid global pandemic

05/20/2020 UPDATE 
Finally the first parcel of the COVID time-frame arrived today to US (by sea, as flights have been blocked)

We hope this is the first signal to restore the normal situation, we'll keep you all updated.

Due to COVID global pandemic the international postal service is now in a chaotic situation so it will take up to 60 working days to deliver the parcels 

Here's an example of a shipment that took 102 days to be delivered

On May 19, Igor Yashin, head of the export development department of FSUE Russian Post, said: "Now all accumulated parcels to distant countries are now sent by sea instead of air
parcels to Europe go by road
if there is no “Sent from Russia” status - the package may still be already not in Russia, just the status was not stamped
Within 3 weeks of May should have sent all the accumulated items in the United States.

If there are not a lot of shipments to the country (Australia, Canada, etc.), then the Post Office has to wait until the required quantity for the rented container is collected. And only then he will be sent by sea." 

also information here and 

Many Tracking are uploading after long time like this one for example

We apologize for the difficult situation, we are doing our best and we hope that all the order will be delivered as soon as possible, thank you very much

Pectus Healing™ Team

How to choose the right model for my Pectus?

Using the right model is crucial for the success of the treatment and if you don't know what's the best model for your Pectus our Technical Team will give you a free consulting service simply follow the instruction HERE



Each patient has a different Pectus morphology so using the right model size for your Pectus is very important for the success of the Vacuum Bell Therapy 

It seems obvious and logical, but at the same time there's a lot of misinformation, 
fortunately for us science can always refresh our mind about this self-evident truth 

That's why we put so much effort in to design and develop over 14 Vacuum Bell Models, giving the perfect solution to every person who is suffering from Pectus Excavatum

⦿ For Kids our small Vacuum Bells models 11, 12.5 and 14 cm created an effective non-surgical alternative when the standard 16 cm model is still too large and we're very proud about it

⦿ For Women we developed a special model to avoid dangerous pressure on the breasts and have an effective Vacuum Bell Therapy at the same time

⦿ For Bodybuilders we developed a special silicon polymer that is even softner than the standard one and able to create a suction even between extreme muscle curves

⦿ To avoid unnecessary problems like nipple irritation and major complication like Gynecomastia is very important to use the right model so we created the irregular shape Vacuum Bells 26 x 21 and 26 x 19 cm

⦿ For more complex and asymmetrical pectus we are the only in the world able to produce a personalized device following the CT Scan of the patient, that's the only non-surgical solution in some serious cases.

Do you wanna know what's the right model size for your Pectus? Our technical team will give you a personalized advice,  just follow the instruction HERE


🚫 Chinese vacuum bells are made of toxic plastic that will increase the risk of allergies and toxicity in your body creating serious problems for your system

🚫 Poor quality devices have sharp edges that will damage your skin creating wounds and scars

🚫 Bad vacuum bells are made with rigid materials that will make each application painful making impossible to complete the Vacuum Bell Therapy 

🚫 Using the wrong size device for your Pectus can create nipple inflammation, Gynecomastia and even worsening your pectus

🚫 Chinese devices are poorly welded so they will break soon

🚫 In the "best" scenario with a bad device you'll waste 2 years of your time without results 

I'm sure you want to avoid all of them, isn't that so?

Now ask yourself: do you want a Chinese plastic toy that looks like a Vacuum Bell, but ineffective and even dangerous? 

Or do you want an high quality medical device to effectively correct your Pectus without surgery?

If you care about your Pectus as we're sure you do, the answer is pretty easy, isn't that so?


⦿ Medical-grade-orthopedic Silicon, we use a special formulation developed in our laboratory, hypoallergenic and completely non-toxic, it allow to create a perfect vacuum and it's able to adapt to every Pectus conformation, it's very soft and delicate to the skin so you'll be able to use it at full power for long periods of time without any problem. Our silicon is thick and resistant to ensure a long longevity, crucial to achieve the 1500 hours average necessary for a complete and lasting remission. 

🚫 Our competitors (Klobe excluded) use rubber or poor quality silicon made in China that is toxic, rigid and painful to use for more than few minutes 

⦿ The Connector is the most fragile part of the Vacuum Bell, that's why we decided to use an Unbreakable Copper Connector able to resist to every possible impact

🚫 Our competitors use a Plastic connector (Klobe included), that means if you'll drop it even one time and it will be gone forever, while it could never happen with our device.

⦿ We use an airtight hand-pump that allow to have a constant vacuum effect avoiding any lack or pressure,

🚫 You can read a lot of comments in independent forums like Reddit about our Chinese competitors complaining about the never-ending pressure loss of their device 

What is the Vacuum Bell?

How long does it take to get a complete correction of PE?


“An immediate effect even with a short time use” 

“The initial results proved to be dramatic” 

“As demonstrated in the CT scan, the force of the vacuum bell is strong enough to lift the sternum within minutes” 

“VBT is a safe therapy for treating pectus excavatum in a non-surgical conservative manner” 

“A potential alternative to surgical treatment for pectus excavatum.
Longer usage periods in a daily frequency are associated with best results.” 

“The device lifted the sternum and ribs immediately”

Once again it's important to use the right model size quality device to treat your Pectus



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