We use the best technology with the highest quality materials to develop our Vacuum Bells, following a meticulous standard of production.

This is necessary not for mere perfectionism, but because you need the best device to have a complete and lasting remission of you Pectus Excavatum.

We at PECTUS Healing ™ are the only to offer you an Exclusive 10 Years of Warranty for any device we sell.

The Warranty will cover every manufacturing defect, it doesn't cover direct or indirect damages not conductible to lack of the manufacture, as an example if you drop, burn or cut the Vacuum Bell.

The black hand-pump warranty is 1 year because it's normal this part can wear out with intensive use, to prevent that the easiest thing to do is to substitute the pump and close the hose when the necessary vacuum pressure will be created

To be elegible for the warranty, you must avoid altering the device in any ways without our consent,

The process to use the Warranty in case of need is the following:

  1. Contact Pectus Healing via email at "support@pectushealing.com reporting the issue with details, photos and a quick video if necessary
  2. Our technical team will analyze all the information and it will give you feedback in the shorter amount of time possible
  3. You can send the Vacuum Bell back to the address we'll give to you.

After receiving the Vacuum Bell we'll take up to 7 working days to close the warranty process.