Each Pectus is very different, that's why selecting the correct Vacuum Bell model for your specific pectus conformation is crucial for the success of the treatment. 
To determine what's the best VB model, you can download and print the VB perimeters HERE attach them on the body with scotch tape and see how they cover your pectus (be sure the printed dimensions are correct)

It could work but it can be tricky because the device should be bigger than the PE area and the vacuum diameter is smaller than the nominal one, also we need to preserve the nipples from direct vacuum pressure and finally any level of pectus asymmetry will make a difference.

The most accurate way is to have a personalized consulting with Dr. Alexander Belkin HERE.
Dr. Belkin is very expert so the margin of error is minimal and you'll also have the right to change the model even if it's a medical device, in the remote case his advice will not be accurate.

It requires a 25 USD deposit that will be returned to you when you'll place your order, so it's free for all our customers     
Then you just need to send the following info to

Birth date

Body height


Funnel depth

The distance between the centers of the nipples

For a more specific advice we need some photos (without a face for privacy)


⦿ Front view
1) Photo where the ruler is attached horizontally between the nipples
2) Photo where the ruler is attached vertically in the middle

⦿ Side view
3) One photo half right/half front

4) One half left/half front

We'll give you a response in the shortest amount of time possible, thank you very much :-)