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Vacuum Bells are designed to avoid the breasts, a non-surgical solution for all the women with a narrow Pectus funnel.

In the case of a wide Pectus the alternative solutions are basically two:

1) If the breasts are small it's possible to use a standard model with a softer silicone polymer.

2) If flared ribs are present is possible to use Haje's technique using a special orthotic brace. 

We can help you to make a correct evaluation Here 

The Medical-grade Silicone is extremely soft and flexible in those special models so the Vacuum Bell will adapt to any form of the body without efforts

Setting the highest quality standards on the market:

⦿ FDA Certified
⦿ Last generation Medical-grade Silicone, Orthopedic and Hypoallergenic 

🚫NO Toxic material from China

⦿ Lightweight polymer able to adapt perfectly to the chest conformation and extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

🚫 NO pain during the sessions

⦿ Airtight Suction 
⦿ Stronger hand pump 
⦿ Laser Tested 

🚫 NO Pressure loss during sessions

⦿ Pure Copper connector and Unbreakable Transparent base

🚫 NO Plastic elements easy to break

⦿ Exclusive 10 Years of Warranty 
⦿ Free Shipping Worldwide 

If you don't know what's the best model for you, we can help you HERE 

The right model for your Pectus area can maximize the effectiveness of the Vacuum Bell Therapy and preserve the nipples from pressure at the same time.

Each unit is Expressly manufactured and disinfected with isopropyl as a preventive measure against COVID-19 to give you full safety

New logistic process in response to the pandemic to guarantee you a fast delivery worldwide using DHL express only 7 days average time

The effectiveness of the Vacuum Bell Therapy is Scientifically proven:

PECTUS Healing ™ is a professional manufacturer of medical devices specializing in developing solutions to treat Pectus conditions.

Our mission is to provide the best non-surgical solution for all the people who are suffering from Pectus Excavatum.
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