Pectus Excavatum is a serious condition because even when there are no physical symptoms, it can have profound psychological consequences,                         

This is even more true for women, especially in a society that is valuing aesthetics so much, putting so much pressure on people for their physical appearance.

The classical Vacuum Bell models are not good for women for obvious reasons, you can force it but you will not only make things worse, but you'll also damage the breasts in a painful and extremely dangerous way.

For this reason many women see the surgical path at the only available option for them, with all the serious risks we know very well: heart perforation, hemorrhage, postpericardiotomy syndrome heavy metals toxicity, bars that move out of place, damages fluid around the lung, all that with still all the chances that Pectus Excavatum will comes back as before.

At PECTUS Healing ™ we designed and developed a Vacuum Bell model that is specifically designed for Women so they can finally have an effective non-surgical alternative to choose, protecting their health.

The irregular form of this model is specifically designed to preserve the breasts, the Medical-grade silicone is extremely soft to be able to adapt to every body conformation

It's very lightweight so it's very comfortable to wear, even under clothes.

If you need a personalized advice you can sent to us all the necessary info you can find HERE and our Doctor will give you a response in the shorter amount of time possible,  

"Take care of your health because it's the most precious thing and if you don't, nobody else will"