DR. HAJE BRACE - PE and Flared Ribs CorrectIon
DR. HAJE BRACE - PE and Flared Ribs CorrectIon
DR. HAJE BRACE - PE and Flared Ribs CorrectIon

DR. HAJE BRACE - PE and Flared Ribs CorrectIon

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The Haje's technique uses a special orthotic brace to create an incremental pressure over the flared ribs to correct both Pectus Excavatum and flared ribs.

The pressure must be vertical only, the same principle used to correct Pectus Carinatum

That's why a common elastic bend doesn't work because it creates a lateral pressure that can even increase the problem.

You'll need to wear the device as much as possible, even during sleep,

A personalized brace is the only way to have a comfortable device that fits well and to be able to wear it for so long, standard sizes wouldn't fit well and they would be uncomfortable.

We're able to create it remotely following the CT Scan or the 3D Scan of the patient, so there is no more need to come overseas for a live visit, saving a lot of time and money.


_Zero contraindications

_Able to correct flared ribs as well

_The only non-surgical solution for some women with a wide PE where the vacuum bell for women is too narrow and a standard one is impossible to use because of the breasts


_You need to wear the brace most of the time

_More expensive than a vacuum bell

_Slower manufacturing process

In some cases is possible to associate the Vacuum Bell Therapy with Haje's Technique, this combo the gold standards of the non-surgical therapy for Pectus Excavatum

Up today, this is the only non-surgical alternative to the Vacuum Bell Therapy having scientific evidence behind it



Before ordering a device please have the consulting with Dr. Belkin here https://pectushealing.com/products/consulting-deposit to be sure this could be a good solution for you

For personalized devices, we accept only bank transfer as the payment method

You'll need to pay 50% upfront and the remaining 50% when the device will be ready to ship

A personalized device may require up to 1 month to be realized, depending on the complexity of each specific case

Just send an email to info@pectushealing.com if you're ready to place your order