The sternum will lift in the first weeks of applications, that's the easy part.

The rest of the time is needed to allow the cartilages, the ligaments and the muscles to adapt and fix into the new position.

You'll need to to use 1500 hours average to get complete and lasting remission and say goodbye to your Pectus forever.

This is 2 years of commitment if you're going to use it for 2 hours a day, so you'll need commitment, perseverance and willpower.

A lot of patients decide to increases the daily hours up 4/6 , trying to use it even during sleep.

In any case, a medical consultation and guidance is absolutely advisable.

Time is variable among many factors as age, severity and symmetry of the Pectus.

Using the right model is crucial for the success of the therapy, so is the quality of the device to have a homogeneous and lasting negative pressure during the applications.

Any hour that is passing it could have been an hour less toward your goal, what are you waiting for?

We at PECTUS Healing ™ are here to provide you with the best devices to win this battle in the best way possible and achieve your goal.

You can check our models and if you don't know what's the best one to fix your Pectus we are here to give you a free advice.