20% DISCOUNT CRYPTO (limited-time offer)

20% DISCOUNT CRYPTO (limited-time offer)

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Cryptos are the future of democracy and decentralization

To promote this breakthrough technology we're offering an exclusive 20% discount to all the customers who are choosing to pay with crypto for a limited amount of time

Major Cryptocurrencies are accepted, BITCOIN, RIPPLE, STELLAR, TETHER

BTC: bc1q2neq8ph56rvez4zpq9gzgjarwet64jvl7txa0s
XRP: rQ91kQeaWjz4G25m6bY4CGAgVq1TV7t1Vg
USDT(ERC20): 0x0F3d32e4008592e48c002a53dc7f5a1eE4dbCcf0

If you want to pay with different crypto please ask the support team at info@pectushealing.com